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Microchips & Passports

Our advice on equine microchipping and passport applications

Information currently being updated.

It is now mandatory that all horses presented for completion of a passport require the insertion of a microchip (in the absence of any existing microchip). In addition BSJA and FEI rules state that first time registered horses need to be microchipped.

From 1st October 2020, it will be mandatory for all horse owners to have their horses, ponies and donkeys microchipped.

Mark Up For Passport And Microchipping

It has been compulsory for all horses to have a passport since February 2005. If your horse already has a passport, the law does not require that they be microchipped, except from October 2020 when it becomes law.

All horses must now be microchipped and passported by the age of 6 months or by 31st December of the year they are born (whichever is the latest). All foals of any age must have a passport if they are to be sold.
The passport application form must be signed by a vet.

The microchip is implanted on the left mid-crest of the neck. The microchip contains a unique number that is matched to the owner`s details and stored in a central database with an external company.

Please remember to contact the microchip company (not us!) if your details change or if you sell the horse as this will be the only way to contact the owner should a horse go missing. The microchip is read with a scanner similar to the one at the checkout in the supermarkets.

We recommend that your horse is fully protected against tetanus before the microchip is implanted. If your vet feels it is necessary, an emergency tetanus (tetanus antitoxin) will be administered on the day.

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